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February 12
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Even The Strongest people cry by Ask-Snow-Prince Even The Strongest people cry by Ask-Snow-Prince
Soo I got inspired to draw my lovely 2nd Gen Iris after seeing an amazing picture done by :iconaskthecardprince: of their 2nd Gen

Okay now to explain... You see Iris is a strong girl and a bit of a tomboy and one of the things she loves more then anything is going on adventure... but the thing is Iris is a Princess and being the oldest it means that one day she is going to have to take over and become the Queen... and the thing is she is wondering is doing the right thing always a good thing? Iris want's to be queen only so she can make her people happy and her family but the truth is she doesn't want to become the Queen since it means one day she will be pretty much stuck to the kingdom, she will always have to act mature and composed and she will never have times to go on her adventure and truth be told she doesn't want that but she wont tell anyone... so when it gets brought up she will smile and nod and then go of somewhere to think things through and every now and then she finds herself crying because she tries to convince herself that she will be doing the right thing for everyone... even if it makes her unhappy
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....this isn't n RP starter and remember she is 2nd Gen ^w^;; but if you wanna RP I don't mind))
AskTheCardPrince Feb 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
{{ HHHH -touches lil babu iris' face-
bby no don't be cryin'
you and del can be sad buddies together
cause running a kingdom and bein' told
what to do
is butts so just
be friendsies
-throws del at-
poorbabu</3 }}
Iris: it's super hard...
*catches her* 
we cry together TTuTT )) 
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